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At Solstice Fitness, the aim is to get you to a healthier fitter and above all happier you! Here is what some of my client's have to say about their Journey so far with Solstice Fitness:


Claire B says:


I've been working 1:1 with Mick at Solstice Fitness for several weeks now. Initially I started as I'm getting married soon and wanted to look good in my dress. Now I'm addicted and fully intend to continue beyond the wedding! I look forward to every session, Mick is absolutely brilliant!

His studio is kitted out with everything you need to get fit, toned and healthy.
He carefully tailors each workout to your needs, goals and abilities, whilst still challenging you to push your boundaries and get better each time. I'm probably the fittest I've ever been in just these few weeks! He's a great motivator and, whereas I usually give up on fitness classes and the gym, I've not missed a single session. I leave every time feeling happy and proud of myself!

Solstice fitness also provides you with excellent nutritional advice and meal suggestions to go along side your workouts. Although it sounds cliche, it's not a diet, it is a lifestyle change! No food is banned or off limits like some diets make you do, and I honestly struggle to eat the amount recommended in a day! You won't feel hungry, just full of the right foods! I've learned so much about the food my body needs to stay healthy and it's been great getting off these "fad diets"!

I fully recommend anyone to try a session at solstice fitness, you won't regret it! The time is now!


Clare J says:


I have been following nutrition and exercise advice from Mick at Solstice Fitness for just over 3 months and while I have tried diets and different exercises before, none have managed to both help me achieve my goals and be motivated to keep it up; there was always something to get in the way! I now do everything I can exercise at least once a week and eat a healthy diet which means I’m never hungry.  As a result, I have dropped 10kg or nearly 1 and half stone!! I am much happier with my body shape and feel more confident generally.

I would thoroughly recommend a consultation with Mick. Whatever your goals, he will help you achieve them!


Paul J says:


After another new year rolled past and yet another New Year resolution about fitness, I was determined not to break my resolution this time. I decided I needed a personal trainer to give me the kick in the behind I obviously needed! I started searching locally but I had my doubts about personal training, especially the idea of someone shouting at me as if I was in the army...

I have been following nutrition and fitness advice from Mick now for 4 months and I have to say he makes it so easy! My main goal was to lose weight and the various diets I have tried over the years were just not getting me the results. Mick hates the idea of dieting and promotes adjusting your own diet to make it healthier, but keep it realistic so that you can maintain it long term!. Getting a personal trainer has turned out to be amazing as I have lost over 2 stone so far. I still have a way to go but i already feel fitter and can wear clothes that I never thought I would get in to again.

I would highly recommend Mick to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer; he has a fun, friendly but firm approach that will make you want to exercise... and even eat healthily!


Lucy L says:

I first approached Mick to work on upper body strength and nutrition. He was so friendly and approachable and I felt he really listened to me. After my first meeting with Mick I felt really positive about starting my training and couldn't wait to get to it. We planned out my goals and training programmes and started to work on my nutrition straight away.

I have reached my goals within 2 months and have now gone on to complete 2 triathlons due to being so motivated by Mick. Thank you for that! He has been such a great support and is always so positive and motivating! I've never been this fit in my life ever and I'm only getting stronger. I couldn't of done it without his expertise, guidance and positivity.


I've got new goals now which we are working towards and smashing!! I would definitely recommend Mick to anyone out there who wants to get fit and keep motivated.


The gym is set up so well. Mick always has my sessions planned out when I arrive and I get to use such a range of equipment which I never thought I would use. 1 to 1 sessions are fantastic and I really feel I'm getting quality sessions and can work properly towards my goals. Definitely the best decision I've made for my health and fitness!


You won't regret it!


Leysa P says:

My first meeting with Mick was back in February, I was feeling very unhappy with how I looked and completely lacked any body confidence. My husband had been seeing Mick for a few weeks and had said to me about going too. It took me a few weeks to build up the courage to get in touch and I'm so happy I did!

Initially I was nervous about meeting, I lacked any motivation to get fit and felt embarrassed about my weight. However, straight away Mick made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was worried about being judged, but Mick was kind and friendly and reminded me that my fitness and weight was totally within my control...something that I'd forgotten!!! We set about making some realistic goals and Mick got me thinking about a tangible result...which for me fitting back into my jeans comfortably was what I was aiming for!

I remember the feeling of dread going into my first session, the fear of not being able to do anything and feeling like I'd fail! Mick tailored the session to my abilities and made sure that I felt comfortable doing the exercises. I can confidently say that I left that first session feeling 100% different to what I did when I walked in...I felt motivated, proud and looking forward to the next session.
Mick will work with you to make sure you get the maximum benefit from your sessions. He's a great motivator and gets you to push yourself that little bit extra with absolutely none of that drill sergeant business!!!! So far the majority of my sessions have been a HIIT session in some form or another and on occasions Mick will work out with you which is really good fun! I've gone from feeling defeatist to feeling motivated, stronger and wanting to push myself further.

A few months on I am nearly 2 stone lighter, much fitter and feeling so much more confident and happier!!!  I am still enjoying my sessions and even though I have reached my target, I am still seeing Mick because now I want to!!!
I would highly recommend Mick to anyone who needs a helping hand getting their weight and fitness back on track. If you're thinking about it...I'd say stop thinking about it and book that appointment!!!! You won't regret it!


Rachael L says:

I started working with Mick with the aim to pass the Royal Navy fitness test. Since training started Mick has been a huge help with this. The running portion of the test was the main area I struggled with but after having worked with him my overall confidence in fitness as well as my running ability has vastly improved to the point where I could complete the 1.5miles in 13 mins or at the very worst get close to this.


From struggling to run even half a mile to achieving this in 3 months is something I couldn't be more great-full for. While if I had trained on my own from the start I probably would have only focused on the running, having had the ability to work with a personal trainer like Mick highlighted the importance of working the body as a whole as well as how beneficial good nutrition is.


Mick was supportive and pushed me to do better throughout my training. Though I have returned to university the enjoyment that I experienced training with Mick means I am now happy to go to the gym on my own to continue improving my fitness.


Sarah L says:

What can I say? This has changed my life. I was overweight, unfit, and lacking in self-confidence. I was motivated to change, but I couldn’t do it alone. Through guidance on nutrition and exercise, Mick has been supporting me and the results so far have been incredible. I’ve stretched the boundaries of what I thought was possible for me.


His positive attitude and friendly demeanour make each workout a pleasure. He is excellent at tailoring the workouts to your needs, and encouraging not only physical fitness but a state of mind which makes it seem achievable.


I am slimmer, fitter, healthier, and feel so much better in my own skin. I even need new jeans!


Izzy C says:


I have been training with Mick for a little over a year now and absolutely love it. Mick has remarkably been able to keep me focused over the last year which is probably my biggest challenge! He tailors the workouts to suit you, he has realised I am much more motivated when he trains alongside me so frequently incorporates this into the plan.


He encourages you and pushes you when needed but also keeps it fun. He is very understanding and appreciates everyone has different goals. He is great at putting you at ease and always ensures you leave with a feeling of accomplishment.


Kev K says:


I had great results from seeing Mick at solstice fitness. He tailored the training to suit what I wanted to see results wise and kept the workouts different and varied.


He also helped with nutrition and diet to get me on the right track. He was always positive and pushed me to the limit and beyond. If your thinking about getting fit, I'd definitely recommend Mick.


Laura M says:


Fantastic experience with Solstice Fitness. Would highly recommend Mick! Since starting my journey with Mick, I've seen some really positive results. I am fitter, I've lost weight and most importantly I feel like I have been given a new lease of life!


Throughout training, when I hit a wall, Mick encouraged me to push through it. He supported me through each session and never let me give up. This led me to achieve results I never thought possible.



Kristian L says:

Genuinely has changed my life.

For so many years I was embarrassed about my weight and I was extremely nervous about first going to see Mick,
But after the first session, I was pushed past my limit, yet loved every second.

Mick is great and making you feel better about your self and this hasn’t just made me fit physically but mentally as well.


Matthew L says:

Been working with Mick for about 6 months now. I have found the 1 to 1 training very useful for getting into a fitness routine and maintaining it. He has really helped with my weight loss journey. I'm now doing things like running a 10km race that I would have never thought possible before. I have now lost over 15kg, say no more...


Charles P says:

Would definitely recommend if you're interested in Fitness, I lost ~50kg after a year of biweekly sessions. Very good quality, nothing to complain about here.

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