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Protein! Protein! Protein!

Regular questions I am asked include, "So how much protein should I eat?" or "Should I use a protein shake?"

Well the answer is varied depending on your circumstances. For example how often you exercise and why you feel you need to use a shake.

Firstly I recommend 1 gram per kilogram of weight (a little higher than the national recommendation but hey it's easier to do in your head!) I weigh 100kg so I need 100g of protein a day - simples!. If you are exercising hard with high resistances for example, you will need to go higher because the body needs to build and repair etc.

For me the only reasons I would use a shake are:

1. I really do not have time to make or prepare wholefoods (meal prep is your best friend people!)

2. I really struggle to eat that much wholefood.

3. Protein costs too much and a shake ticks the box with a lower cost overall.

Now I use a shake when time is against me and I failed to meal prep or forgot my food (I have a tub in the car most times 'just in case'...Sad I know). Shakes are never going to be a replacement for real food though. The main thing to be mindful of is that protein shakes can disagree with your digestive system either by giving you stomach cramps or by producing gas that could get the CDC called in!

Check out this video which explains it all nicely

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