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Resistance Training

The Muscle Gaining Plan – Enhance Your Body Shape.

A Fun And Enjoyable Goal – Increasing Muscle Mass

Gaining muscle is an enjoyable and rewarding goal. You’ll eat more, train hard, learn effective and safe technique and improve your coordination and athleticism. Most importantly, you’ll build lean muscle and completely change the shape of your body.

How We Will Do It – The Muscle Building Plan

Our years of experience go into creating your tailored strength training programme. You’ll learn optimal technique across a wide range of exercises that will keep you safe while maximising strength and size gains. Your programme will cover your personal training as well as any supplementary training you do. At all times you’ll know exactly what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how to do it. After 6-8 weeks you’ll start to see some amazing results.

We’ll also guide you through everything you need to know about nutrition. You’ll learn which supplements actually work, when meal timings are important, how to eat well even when you’re busy and much more. With our smart and varied exercise programming and manageable but effective nutrition guidance you will gain muscle fast.

What You Can Expect – How Muscle Grows

You will gain larger, more toned muscles and a greatly enhanced body shape. You’ll increase your bone and joint strength and function, have reduced injury potential, increased flexibility and mobility, increased metabolic rate (leading to lower body fat), improved heart function and, of course, become much, much stronger.

Muscular Development

Not only does muscle make you look toned and increase your strength it also has a variety of health benefits including increased blood flow and a faster metabolism. If it's for health reasons, gaining lean weight, playing sport, competing in body building or the "cover model" look then I can shape and guide you towards your goals.

Muscular development can find your weaker muscles, pin point your tight or loose posterior muscles as well as find structural imbalances within muscle groups - strengthening these can result in a whole new you! Muscles change body composition and can create a lean, toned, sporty you or a muscular you depending on your goal.

If you'd like to discuss muscle development further or have any specific questions do not hesitate to contact me using the details at the bottom of this page. Together, we can get you toned!

Typical Exercises

These are typical exercises I use to build muscle, however I create custom muscle development plans for each individual so don't worry if there is something you're unable to do or are uncomfortable with as we can choose something more beneficial for yourself.

Train at home or in the gym. Find out more

I am based at Unit Twelve in Churchfields, Salisbury City, a lovely private gym that has just the right equipment to help you with your goal. If you aren't able to visit the gym for whatever reason, I can visit you at home for which there is an extra charge of £5 per session.

How much does it cost? Visit the Prices page

Training sessions with me at the gym start at £30 an hour, discount packages and plans are available, for full prices see the prices page.

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