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One To One Training

One 2 One Training

An individually tailored One 2 One Fat Loss, Health & Fitness training programme with dietary advice and meal plans and regular body compostion analysis is the best way to get results. It can take place at our own private 26 acre facility (Wellbeing Park), outside or in our Personal Training Fitness Studio at times that suit you and the One 2 One service means you get the trainers full attention.

The programme can be designed to deliver whatever your goals/needs are. Whether that’s marathon training, 5 k run, weight loss, building muscle, becoming faster or sport specific.

For further details on One 2 One Tailored Programmes contact us

Ready to Book?

Claim your FREE Consultation with Daniel who will tailor a package around your needs.

For further details on One 2 One Tailored Programmes contact us

You will have access to ALL of the Wellbeing team of experts where needed or can simply just access exercise sessions if thats all you require? Some of the services on offer are:

  • Full Pre Screening Questionnaire covering all 3 pillars of Wellbeing

  • Regular Clinical Body Composition assessment including: Weight, Body Fat %, Lean/Fat Free Mass, Muscle Mass, Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure

  • 12 Page personal Health profile with fat Loss & health goals.

Physical Wellbeing

  • Biomechanical analysis, Postural, muscle balance/imbalance assessment. Assessment of previous injuries with Martin Copeland and Daniel Bowers at Lakeside Physiotherapy Clinic.

  • Tailored Exercise Training Sessions (1 hour long) at a time that works for

  • Establish an exercise programme whilst away with work inclding written sessions to follow.

Nutritional Wellbeing

  • Nutritional Wellbeing Log Book.

  • Food Diaries

  • Nutrition Guide & Advice

  • Nutrition Workshop

  • Access to Healthy Recipes

  • Consultation with our Weight Management Counsellor/Dietitian

Emotional Wellbeing

  • Assessment with Professor Anthony (Clincal Psychologist)

  • To create a set of strategies

  • Emotional Eating Triggers

  • To use Mindfulness techniques so as to make informed best choices & to keep ‘health eating’

  • To assist focus & motivation

For further details on One 2 One Tailored Programmes contact us

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