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General Fitness Training

Health & Fitness – Strengthen Your Immune System Through Regular Sustained Exercise

Healthy, Safe, Strong, Efficient – Why Exercise Works

The human body is an amazingly well architected organism where every single element enhances others. Getting fitter also makes you healthier. Learning how to hold good posture also makes you more powerful. The list goes on.

We will make you fitter and stronger while enhancing what you’re getting from nutrition. We’ll strengthen your immune system protecting you from illness and increase the strength and health of your heart and circulatory system. We will increase your capacity for movement so you feel lighter and have more energy.

Living Pain Free – Exercising Your Body

Having a pain free and fully functioning body is a basic state too few people live with. We get into the habit of thinking it’s okay if our back or neck hurts if we sit in a certain position or that our knees hurt when we run. Most of the time we don’t pay it any attention.

The irony is that many of our common ailments are not hard to alleviate. We just need to know how. Once you learn how to sit and stand properly, coordinate your spine and control your shoulders, pelvis and knees you see that simple changes make a huge difference.

What To Do – Our Fitness Process

We’ll guide you through this process of becoming fitter and healthier. We’ll teach you how to control your muscles and joints, improve your balance and stability and increase your strength and flexibility. You’ll learn a template for great human movement that will keep your joints healthy long into old age. Your nagging pains will be alleviated and your strength increased while you protect yourself from the threat of injury. Finally, we’ll drastically increase your fitness so you can do more than you ever could before.


General fitness training works towards broad goals of overall health and well-being, rather than narrow goals of sport competition, larger muscles or concerns over appearance. A regular moderate workout regime and healthy diet can improve general appearance markers of good health such as muscle tone, healthy skin, hair and nails, while preventing age or lifestyle-related reductions in health and the series of heart and organ failures that accompany inactivity and poor diet.

One thing is for certain is that you will always get older but you don't have to let your body follow you into an old age. If you've let yourself go recently, cant keep up with your children or you're running a marathon I can help you achieve an all round greater fitness level, not to mention add years on to your life.

If you'd like to discuss getting healthier further or have any specific questions do not hesitate to contact me using the details at the bottom of this page. Together, we can get you fit!

Typical Exercises

These are typical exercises I use to build muscle, however I create custom muscle development plans for each individual so don't worry if there is something you're unable to do or are uncomfortable with as we can choose something more beneficial for yourself.

Train at home or in the gym. Find out more

I am based at Unit Twelve in Churchfields, Salisbury City, a lovely private gym that has just the right equipment to help you with your goal. If you aren't able to visit the gym for whatever reason, I can visit you at home for which there is an extra charge of £5 per session.

How much does it cost? Visit the Prices page


Training sessions with me at the gym start at £30 an hour, discount packages and plans are available, for full prices see the prices page.

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