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About Solstice Fitness

Michael Fernie


Solstice Fitness, based in Amesbury in Wiltshire, was started by Michael Fernie in 2016. Michael has been training people from a range of backgrounds for nearly 25 years. During those 25 years he has been working with people, building and developing relationships with them to succeed and achieve their goals. During a long career in the Army, Michael coached many people, both male and female, young and old. With his in depth knowledge, Michael has been able to train both individuals and groups from various starting points through to their individual goals.

Michael also believes in increasing his skills and knowledge through academic study with the addition of academic, vocational coaching and personal training qualifications. Michael manages his own training and nutrition and after a long career in the army and the fitness industry has an excellent grasp on how to manage injury's and other niggles that commonly occur through a vigorous active lifestyle.

Michael has undertaken many different types of training over the years and has gained a firm belief that exercise should be part of everybody’s daily routine. Life can be complicated and something will always get in the way if you let it. If exercise is not part of a person's daily routine, it becomes a chore and will quickly move down a list of priorities.


To combat this loss of interest, Michael is a proponent of finding a fun activity that you enjoy doing and that you do frequently, if possible with other like minded people!

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Michael firmly believes that the exercises we do should be functional and fun, and provide a benefit to our everyday life. As such, Michael's sessions are focused around circuit based interval training employing a variety of functional exercises. The exercises and training are targeted and designed to allow each client to reach their individual goals. Time is a commodity that we are all short of and as such, sessions are tailored to maximise the impact of each exercise.


Michael is a Level 4 Personal trainer, fully insured and is REPS approved. Michael has the following qualifications:


Personal Training

Clinical Nutrition

Medical referrals

Lower Back Pain

Weight management

Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Circuit Training Instructor 

Kettlebell Instructor

Emergency First Aid at Work

Pilates Basic Mat


A bit more information on Michael

Michael joined the army at the young age of 18 and had a long successful career. During this career michael developed a love of study and fitness that remains with him now. Michael is no stranger to injuries and weight control problems (they usually come hand in hand). Michael's favourite sports are Running, Cycling and Weightlifting. Michael Left the army and wanting to continue his role as a trainer in the army became a teacher (Physics, the one true science!).


After several years though michael missed training and helping people change their lives through physical activity, education and mental strength. Using these formative experiences, he decided to qualify as a Personal Trainer. He joined the local health club to focus on developing his Personal Training and Coaching skill. After a short time it became apparent that this was the vocation for Michael and he decided to set up his own studio in Amesbury. Michael Loves to see his clients achieve, especially when their success exceeds their own expectations.

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